Welcome to Snow Companies
—the Global Leader in Patient Storytelling

Every day someone gets a diagnosis that changes their life forever.
Every day others work hard to develop breakthrough treatments to help.
And every day Snow Companies bring the two together to start a conversation.

Snow Companies is the global leader in patient engagement. As a full-service agency, Snow Companies is focused on connecting patients to science through emotionally impactful, action-oriented patient centric communications, storytelling, insight, and research initiatives. All tied together with award-winning in-house copy, print, web, event planning, call center, and video services, along with industry-savvy training and logistical staff.

The company facilitates the co-creation process between life science companies and patients throughout the entire brand lifecycle. No other agency has made a bigger impact on the lives of patients around the world.

Our desire to make an impact comes from a very personal place. Brenda Snow’s devastating diagnosis of multiple sclerosis ended up becoming the impetus for a pioneering boutique agency specializing in pharmaceutical marketing and patient communication. Through our Patient Ambassador® model, we have inspired millions of people living with a disease or condition to look beyond diagnosis, and seek out the people and resources they need to become empowered patients and agents of change. With patient storytelling, our team brings vital health messages across the globe—along with insights into what it means to be human. We have been active in close to 80 different diseases and indications.

Our groundbreaking work has been recognized with awards such as MM&M’s Top 100 agencies, Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing private companies, the AMCP MarCom Award, PM360’s Pharma Choice and Trailblazer Award, the DTC National Advertising Award, and multiple Telly Awards honoring our video work. Several of our executives have also been named among the PharmaVOICE 100 industry leaders.

Thanks to all the trends we’ve helped lead there are more opportunities and more mediums for reaching patients directly than ever before. There has never been a better time for patients to make their voices heard in the healthcare and life science industry. There has never been a better time for the industry to connect directly with patients and have a measurable, positive impact on adherence and treatment outcomes. Now is the time to Find Your Voice™ and Share Your Story™. Now is the time to learn, teach, and play an active role in the healthcare experience.

Snow Companies