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Mentor Program Specialist

July 20, 2023


The Mentor Program Specialist is responsible for implementing all Mentor Program interactions including Mentor and program registrant relations. The Mentor Program Specialist will work in a fast-paced environment, meeting deadlines, multitasking, and coordinating with many divisions of Snow including Analytics, Relationship Managers, and Coaching and Training Specialists. The Mentor Program Specialist must also work closely with Account Team leads, Health Educators, and Mentors to address and meet the objectives of Snow’s clients relating to Mentor Program management.

The Mentor Program Specialist serves as the direct point of contact for Mentors and oversees compliance adherence and Mentor communication skills training, coordinates schedules for Mentees/Mentors, completes post-call evaluations, maintains accurate reporting, and provides excellent customer service throughout the entire program process.

A Mentor Program Specialist must have excellent listening, communication, and organizational skills, and must be able to develop personal relationships with Mentors that convey compassion while maintaining professional boundaries. The Mentor Program Specialist will also be responsible for timely and thorough documentation with regard to all Mentor communication and engagement.

Snow’s business is centered around the patient journey, and the Mentor Program Specialist, like all positions at Snow, must be open, compassionate, and sensitive to the unique life experiences of these patients and caregivers. The Mentor Program Specialist must be able to incorporate the unique patient/caregiver experience into the strategies and solutions we provide to our clients.


The Mentor Program Specialist must be able to perform the following essential duties and functions:


  • Adhere to standard processes, demonstrate strong communication skills, and maintain excellent attention to detail
  • Display clear comprehension of legal and regulatory guidelines issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as they apply to the Ambassador Program
  • Understand pharmaceutical industry regulations (both current and expected changes)
  • Demonstrate a complete understanding of HIPAA privacy guidelines and maintain all documentation in accordance with these guidelines
  • Develop strong partnership with Analytics, Relationship Managers, and Coaching and Training Specialists to align on team processes, client initiatives, compliance regulations, and project management
  • Partner with Account Team on all Mentor engagement, training, and performance evaluation
  • Identify and suggest methods to improve process and efficiency for the Mentor Programs
  • Analyze Mentor utilization needs to develop new initiatives or modify and improve existing initiatives in partnership with Account Teams to meet client objectives
  • Update standard operating procedures on a regular basis to reflect changes in brand initiatives, policies, and procedures, and ensure timely communication of these updates

Education and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university, or one to two years of related experience and/or training, or equivalent combination of education and experience preferred.

Job Category: Programs
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Remote Williamsburg
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