Article in German: Patienten als Kompass für Unternehmen - Snow Companies

Article in German: Patienten als Kompass für Unternehmen

March 1, 2015

Pharma Relations—Innovations Supplement

March 2015

By Oliver Portmann



[Article in German; full text in print version only] Snow Companies’ Oliver Portmann highlights how the patient perspective should really serve as a compass for everything we do in the life science industry. Market research, media monitoring, social listening may help inform patient-centric decisions, but personal interaction all too often goes forgotten. Patient storytelling can help bridge that gap, and it has a number of other advantages: Other patients can learn to be more adherent to their treatment regimens. HCPs and other stakeholders can learn about rare diseases. Everyone living with challenging health conditions wishes for nothing more than to know that they’re not alone. This is particularly true for patients with “orphan diseases,” and patient-to-patient storytelling can effectively address this need for community.

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