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Brenda Snow: Advancing the Patient Story

March 8, 2019

Pharmaceutical Executive

March 5, 2019

By Michelle Maskaly


Thank you to Michelle Maskaly from Pharmaceutical Executive for writing this profile telling Brenda Snow’s story. Perfect timing for International Women’s Day!


“I went from being a perfectly healthy 29-year-old woman to not being able to see for a period of time, having blurred vision, no control over my bladder or bowels, and pronounced left-side weakness,” recalls Brenda Snow.

This was not just work-related stress—it was the onset of multiple sclerosis, and the research into the disease at the time was in its infancy.

It was also, the beginning of a path that would lead to the creation of Snow Companies, the first full-service agency to bring strategic, regulatory-compliant, real-life patient stories to direct-to-patient initiatives. […] [Read the full article]


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