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What is a Patient Ambassador®?

A Patient Ambassador® is a person living with or caring for someone with a health condition who is willing to tell his or her personal story. Patient Ambassadors® share their true experiences with other patients, care partners, healthcare professionals, patient champions in the pharmaceutical industry, and with those who want to gain perspective on living with and treating a disease. Since Snow Companies began creating Patient Ambassador® programs, millions of people globally have learned:

They are not alone
They can partner with their healthcare teams
They have a purpose in life beyond their diagnosis

Why Become a Patient Ambassador®?

As a Patient Ambassador®, you will have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of many people who are sharing your journey. Snow Companies will help you Find Your Voice™ and Share Your Story™ so you will have the confidence and skills you need to make a lasting impression.

How to Become a Patient Ambassador®

In our years working with the pharmaceutical industry, patient advocacy groups, and healthcare professionals, Snow has built deep connections. These connections help us find the Patient Ambassador® candidates we’re looking for—in most cases a doctor or advocacy group makes the introduction between Snow and Patient Ambassador® candidates. Only those candidates who confirm that they’re interested get a call from us, and potential candidates are screened for eligibility. Once approved, candidates are thoroughly trained in all aspects of being a Patient Ambassador®. From that moment on, they’re a part of the Snow Family, and dedicated team members arrange all of their logistics, help craft their personal stories, and prepare them for future events. We never forget, though, that Patient Ambassadors® are real people with families, jobs, and every day commitments and challenges. Being a Patient Ambassador® is an important responsibility, but that responsibility is secondary to the life and health of the people who’ve agreed to help others like them.

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