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Jessica Proffitt Wins DTC Vanguard Award

October 23, 2019

Jessica Proffitt

Jersey City, NJ, October 23, 2019 — At the close of the DTC Forum on Social Media & Technology, Jessica Proffitt, VP, Client Services, has been awarded DTC Perspective’s Vanguard Award in honor of her leadership in the patient engagement space.

Jessica has helped to build what is now considered the best-in-class in the space where the patient community and the biopharmaceutical industry overlap. She is a creative thinker bursting with ideas, yet she also has the organizational skills and discipline to see projects through to completion. 

Pioneering Agile in biopharma context

The successful patient engagement program launches Jessica has brought to fruition span the entire client spectrum, from emerging pharma, to biotech, to big pharma. Many of those companies are adopting the Agile method—a management style that originated in Silicon Valley’s tech circles—and Jessica’s in-depth knowledge of Agile allows her to closely collaborate in the implementation of those principles within a biopharma context.

As a leader, Jessica has consistently demonstrated the ability to develop her direct reports into emerging leaders themselves—the list of people who were rapidly able to progress into roles of great responsibility is long. Jessica is never too busy to recognize a colleague, patient, or client for their role in helping to make something a success.

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