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The Impact of COVID-19 on Life Sciences Marketing

April 9, 2020


April 7, 2020

By Andrew Matthius


The coronavirus, or COVID-19, is multiplying at an exponential rate. This global pandemic first consumed China and South Korea, then Italy and the rest of Europe, the Middle East, and now is spreading throughout the U.S. As a result, government organizations, doctors, and scientists are telling people to stop moving.

And yet, the life sciences industry simply can’t stop moving. The world can’t afford it. Not only are manufacturers working tirelessly to develop treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, but these companies must also continue to engage with HCPs and patients to ensure all of their needs (COVID-19-related or not) are still being met. And while in-person engagements are now off the table, life sciences marketers and their partners are finding plenty of ways to ensure crucial information is still getting to the people who need it.


Blake Shewey, EVP of Snow Companies, an agency that specializes in patient engagement, says their company always operates with caution in order to safeguard its patients and is experienced in working with patient communities who cannot participate in live events, even before this, such as those with cystic fibrosis. For example, advisory boards can be done in a virtual environment on a compliant platform and their agency’s Patient Ambassadors can share their stories through video, audio, or a virtual meeting. Additionally, when it’s safe for smaller groups to meet, it can be broadcast so others can join remotely. [read more…]

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