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What’s in it For Patients? How to Create Mutual Value.

December 15, 2015


Online: December 15, 2015

Print: December 2015

By Michael Simone


Summary: Ask Not What Patients Can Do for Your Brand. Ask What Your Brand Can Do for Patients

According to the latest ZS AccessMonitor, a majority of physicians is no longer prepared to see pharma reps. That’s one explanation why patients are becoming the new focal point for pharma marketers. However, patients are not the audience for hard-selling, brand-focused “consumer marketing.” They are only receptive and prepared to engage when there is something in it for them. The Snow Companies Patient Ambassador® survey shows that it’s worth the effort to invest in a good relationship with the patient community.

296 people participated in the survey, of which 246 identified as patients, 31 as care partners and 19 as “others,” such as social workers. The survey participants were all Patient Ambassadors, which means they had the opportunity to engage with life science partners in two-way dialogue. A dialogue in which patients learn the science of their condition, how to become their own advocates, and how to stay motivated and work with their doctors. A dialogue, also, in which companies find out how to improve processes to better suit patient needs and make their business more relevant among all the healthcare stakeholders.

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